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how to get started with vo workshop nyc: a 5 step plan

Welcome to VO Workshop NYC, a one stop shop for all things voiceover! Thanks for stopping by. We wanna start out by saying, we love voiceover. HUGE VO nerds over here. So if absolutely geeking out over a commercial for Bounty paper towels isn't your thing... we're deeply sorry!

SO! If you have ever dreamt of lending your voice to animated characters, commercials, or audiobooks but don't know how to get've come to the right place. VO Workshop NYC offers aspiring voiceover actors an opportunity to learn from industry professionals and hone their skills. In this blog post, we will break down a comprehensive step by step plan of attack if you're new to VO. We are confident that, if you follow the advice in this post, you will leave with a knowledge of the industry, how you fit into it and you will be well-equipped to tackle the world of voiceover with confidence.

Step 1: Take our online course

VO Workshop NYC's online course "Voiceover and You" is designed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to the world of voiceover. The course covers a wide range of topics, including script analysis, character development, vocal technique, and studio etiquette in 5 separate sections. Through a combination of video lessons and exercises we cover introductions to: home studio setup, commercial, animation, audiobook and self submission. In addition, the online course provides you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule! We love! If you are a beginner in the industry, it's an excellent way to prepare yourself for the vast world of voiceover (if we do say so ourselves).

Step 2: Schedule a coaching

Included in the course is a 10% discount on your first one on one coaching. Since you'll already have covered all the basics, we'll be able to jump into coaching on anything you choose. The best way to learn is by DOING IT, and we've got hundreds of pieces of copy to work on with you. We love coming up with game plans and helping our clients to feel confident enough to get their voices out there and start booking!

Step 3: Build your studio

As we coach with you, we'll help you to create your very own recording booth at home. And because you took our online course, you'll receive a 10% discount on any equipment purchased through Sweetwater. WERQ!

Having a microphone and properly treated space at home is crucial for anyone looking to pursue a career in voice acting because 100% of auditions are from home, as are plenty of bookings. Using a built-in microphone on a laptop or phone simply won't cut it, as these devices will produce low-quality, noisy audio. Investing in a good microphone will ensure that your recordings sound clear and crisp. But don't worry- the equipment does not and SHOULD NOT break the bank. Check our our equipment recommendations here!

Step 4: Create your reels

Having a dynamite reel is the culmination of all your education- you don't want to make one until you're ready, and you also do NOT wanna create one on your own. Now that we've lectured you, we gotta say, we are truly OBSESSED with making demo reels. Here's why having one is important:

  1. It showcases your range: A commercial demo reel allows you to demonstrate your vocal range, versatility, and ability to perform different styles of copy. This is crucial in the competitive world of voice acting where agents are looking for actors who can deliver a wide range of performances.

  2. Market yourself effectively: A demo reel serves as a marketing tool that can help you showcase your talent and make a lasting impression on potential clients, agents and casting directors. By presenting your best work in a concise and impactful way, you'll help put yourself in the best position to work.

  3. Demonstrate your professionalism: Having a high-quality demo reel helps to mark you as a voiceover professional, since all professional voice actors have one- consider it your virtual business card for your voice!

Check out some of our reels here!

Step 5: Take classes elsewhere + game plan

At VO Workshop NYC, we LOVE taking classes with other industry professionals and we encourage our clients to do the same. We come from the actor's perspective on all things voiceover, but there are so many other fantastic coaches out there with other points of view: agents, casting directors, booth directors, other actors etc. who you can learn from. TAKE THEIR CLASSES! It's so important to get a well rounded education and get yourself prepped as to what clients are looking for, and you'll get that education if you learn from lots of different folks in the industry.

As you take these classes, we will strategize together and come up with a plan of action! If you want to self submit, we can help you get yourself set up on online platforms. If you want to work towards getting representation, we'll help you game plan for that as well. There is no one size fits all approach to getting voice work and we collaborate with each individual client to come up with the best approach!

Step 5: Continuing education

As you get your voice out into the world, it's so important that you keep training. Even for the most seasoned voiceover artist, too much time away from the booth is disorienting. It can take a second to find your groove if you step away. This is why we've created our community and drop in classes. We try to do these classes as much as we can- we have small group classes where we provide copy that you can run audition style with other actors in our community. It is truly so fun, and we absolutely love watching everyone continue to grow, learn and advance together. We learn so much from all of you! And of course, we can always coach one on one if you can't make class or have an audition to work on!

We look forward to seeing you in the Zoom room soon! Till then, we're here to answer any questions you have about getting started with us!


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