Workshops & Classes

Whether you're brand new to commercial voice over or looking to expand your reach into animation or audiobook, we have numerous introductory classes and on one-off workshops to reach your goals! 


Commercial Voice Over
Crash Course
An introductory course to the basics of commercial voice over. This is three hour course. If you're new to voice over, this is where you'll want to start. We'll cover how to approach script, prepping for an audition and best practices, types of commercials and basic industry terminology. Everyone will work on 1-2 scripts in a round robin structure - you'll learn both by doing and observing. You'll get an idea of what commercial voice over has to offer and where you might find yourself - and your voice- fitting in to the huge world of commercial voice over!
Build A Reel Class 

Enroll in this class to build your perfect commercial or animation demo reel. This is an eight hour class split between four sessions.  If you have experience in voice over and looking to make your commercial demo reel, this class is for you!  We will give you a breakdown of the home recording studio with an audio engineer so you have your home recording space ready to go. In our class you'll receive individual coaching on commercial scripts to find what best showcases your strengths and what scripts work well together in your reel. You'll also be sharpening your skills through observation as others work on their copy. Together, by the class's end, we will select and perfect commercial scripts that highlight your strengths and versatility, creating a commercial demo reel that show offs just how well your voice fits in the commercial world of voice over. We'll also cover next steps including self-submission and reaching out to reps. You'll receive guidance on how best to use this calling card for your voice!

Character Building in Animation
If you've taken our Intro to Animation course, or have experience in animation auditioning and want to expand your character work, this class is perfect for you!  This four hour course is split into 2 sessions.  We'll cover how to approach character building, breaking down a script and then, with using real animation audition sides, you'll create two fully imagined, unique characters  Everyone will work on two scripts -you'll learn both by doing and observing. Explore character building and learn new tools on how to approach the script and create your own unique character for animation!


Intro to Animation
An introductory course to the basics of animation. This is a 1hr30m workshop. If you're new to animation voice over, this workshop is for you. We'll cover how to to start, how to tackle a character description and script, recording tips and basic character building. We'll even have time to get into quick character workouts where everyone will have a chance to try some animation character building- as with all our classes and workshops, you'll learn both by doing and observing. You'll get an idea of what animation voice over has to offer, how best to get started and find your voice in animation.
Intro to Audiobook
An introductory course to the basics of audiobook. This is a 1hr30m workshop. If you've never done audiobook or just want a refresher on the basics, this workshop will suit you well!We'll cover how to start, prepping for an audition and best practices, how to build character and styles of narration, creating a comprehensive sample selection that highlights your strengths, recording and self-submissions. You'll get an idea of acting for audiobook and where your voice might fit best!
Home Studio Setup
An introductory course to the basics of a home studio. This is a 1h30m workshop that covers basic equipment and recommended brands and packages for budgets of every kind. We will cover creating a space that gives you competitive sound quality. The shift to work-from-home for voice over has reflected most in home studio setup. Casting directors and clients are not just auditioning your voice, they are auditioning your space and equipment!  We'll have a sound engineer as our industry professional guest to answer any questions and guide you specifically for your space and budget. 
Self-Submission 101
Don't have representation but want to start auditioning? This is the workshop to learn how! This is a an hour workshop the cover creating your vocal profile for self-submission websites, using your demo, building samples, best practices for submissions and auditions, industry rates and nonunion vs union work. We'll also cover how to market yourself to agents and casting directors and how to use direct marketing to your advantage!
Find out how to get some control in your career - join us in self-submission 101.