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2022: What we've learned part 2

Here's more of what we've learned in VO this year!

Next up….


  1. It's a marathon not a sprint. Oh boy, if I had a nickel every time I told myself this exact phrase this year. Repeat it like a mantra. Write it on your studio wall. Make it your computer background. Ya'll. It truly takes a long LONG time to get a gig. For sure, you can have beginners luck and lots of avail checks. But, breaking into voiceover takes time. It takes patience, and care and craft- and it takes months of auditioning and casting directors learning your voice to get the job. I don't say this to discourage you, I say this to inspire you to keep going. Get your voice out there so people can start hearing you- start making fans and doing the work! Which leads me to....

  2. If you feel good about it, that's good enough. It doesn't matter how I feel about your work. It doesn't matter how Emilea feels about it. It doesn't even matter how Mike feels about it. It matters how YOU feel. If you feel what you did was an excellent representation of what you bring to the material, then we've all done our jobs. You have to feel confident about YOUR unique take on what you're doing. So much so that it transfers through the mic, the computer, the headphones- all the way to casting's brain space so they say "WOW. This is what we've been looking for. A unique perspective on this copy!" When something clicks for you, you gotta trust that that is enough and....

  3. There is no such thing as perfection. Did you hear? Art is subjective! There is really no such thing as a perfect take. There IS such a thing as good storytelling. If you feel that you've authentically portrayed the copy the way you wanted to, don't waste your time doing 10 more takes when you got it already! There is absolutely no such thing as a flawless read- flaws make us human- they make us authentic. Obviously, pronunciation is important and we need to be able to understand you. But, letting go of "perfection" will free you in a new way. I encourage you all to join me in the not perfect club: it's really great!

Come for the vo, stay for the truth bombs. We would love connect with you to share what you've learned! Comin up soon... Mike!


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