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Sara’s approach is everything an actor could hope for: she’s encouraging, has the innate ability to identify a good take, and most importantly--is unwaveringly honest. She genuinely wants to bring the best version of you to the copy, and she accomplishes that.

R.J.  Vaillancourt

Emilea coached me on my agency audition: her knowledge and experience in commercial and promo VO was immeasurably helpful. She has an excellent ear and gives helpful and specific direction that you can take beyond the immediate script. She’s a passionate, empathetic, and dedicated teacher - and I’m now repped by a GREAT VO agency! I can’t recommend Emilea enough!

Christine Lin

Mike was an amazing person to work with in the production of my voiceover reel.  He was a consummate collaborator that truly listened to who I was and where I wanted to go in my career.  What I appreciate most about his service is his curation of the voiceover copy.  I felt that each copy accurately reflected the feedback that I gave him.  He listened and was willing to change a selection to meet my needs. I highly recommend using his services…you won’t be disappointed.

Javar Parker

Since working with Emilea my auditions have noticeably improved tremendously! She isn’t afraid of pushing you, supporting your creative choices, while also finding the truth of a scene and making it your own. She’s completely changed my approach to auditioning and dissecting scripts.

 Guillermo Contreras

love my voice over reel! Mike was quick to respond, great at creating relatable copy, and super easy to work with. My reel is so professional that I jump at the chance to submit it for auditions. 

Shelby Griswold