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3 Reasons Why You Should Study Voiceover

We at Voiceover Workshop NYC believe that doing Voiceover is crucial to a sustained career in the arts. Why? Well, don’t worry- we can talk about that for literal hours, but we’ll give you a few reasons now:

  1. Because there are going to be dry spells. Even George Clooney has dry spells, and then he does commercials for Nespresso. Jk. But he actually does. All kidding aside, (obviously he’s making bajillions of dollars for that) you will have periods where you don’t work. It could be weeks, months or even years. What if we told you there was an artistic way to fill that time? A place where you could go in the comfort of your home and audition, create characters, do silly voices, tell stories, act and sing? Well…there is. It’s called your home studio and we will definitely teach you how to set yours up (here in this video that you can watch on our website).

  2. You can do it from anywhere. I once was in a show in St. Louis and Dick’s Sporting Goods (ty Dick’s!) wanted to book me for a radio spot. So on my lunch break, I Uber’d over to a local studio in St. Louis and recorded it on my lunch break. And made…really good money. More money than what I was making for the entire run of that show. Financial health is crucial to a sustainable career in the arts, however you make it- but why not make it doing something you are not only qualified to do, but advertisers NEED you to do!

  3. Simply- because they need us. Because advertisers and writers need artists to fill a void that nobody else can fill. Because we are qualified to do the job, to voice that character or sell that product- in a way that others cannot. We are always unsure why Voiceover is not included in the classic triple threat curriculum we see in undergrad and grad programs nowadays. We feel that Voiceover training should be as important as that 7 am dance class you took senior year (have you touched those tap shoes once? We’ll wait...) Okay, we’ll say it- we think it’s more important.

Voicever encompasses one of the widest ranges of any art form. Besides commercial, animation and audiobooks- there’s video games, e-learning, podcasts, audio dramas, graphic audio, live announcer, meditations, trailers, promos, toys, ADR, documentaries and so, so much more.

You wanna be involved. Watch this space.

Let’s talk about Voiceover.


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