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2022: What we've learned

Dear VO peeps,

WHAT. A. YEAR. Getting back into the swing of our “new normal” has been an adjustment and- trust us when we say- we get it, it has been TOUGH. For all of us. But, with that new adjustment comes opportunity- and we’d love to take this space to reflect on the past year and what we’ve learned. Over the next week, we’ll be releasing what our co-founders have noticed this year as it pertains to the voiceover world. One thing we know for sure: we are grateful to this industry for being something we can count on when the world gets crazy. And we are thankful for each and every one of our clients for sharing their talents with us. So, without further ado….

What we’ve learned in 2022: Voiceover Edition!

First up….


  1. I’ve learned SO MUCH about other areas of voiceover outside of commercials and animation.Particularly about E-learning - which is on the rise! E-learning is only becoming more popular in our post Covid world. According to an article from Businesswire, e-learning has also enabled teachers and trainers to deliver training and learning sessions remotely. The growing popularity of this model is encouraging many vendors to offer a wide range of mobile-based learning solutions that are customized to suit end-user requirements. This trend is expected to have a positive impact on the growth of the e-learning market in the US.” Businesswire also notes that the e-learning market will grow 21.64 billion during 2020-2024. So for voiceover actors, that means more work opportunities, as they will need charismatic, fun, and informative voices to deliver all that e-learning material!

  2. Also - I am learning acceptance… that remote work is here to stay. I do miss being in the booth with a casting director - nothing will replace the VALUE of that expertise - but I’m learning to develop my own ear. Deciding on what take to use, if something is working, if I’m in line with the brand and the spec and still honoring what I uniquely bring to the copy. ALSO, having a quality home studio setup ready to go was KEY during the pandemic, and that hasn’t changed. And incorporating the basic principles of absorption and isolation allows me to work in so many different scenarios - on the road for a wedding, back home for the holidays, even in a car (that isn’t moving) while camping! In addition to acceptance, learning that flexibility and resourcefulness hold incredible value when working as a creative - particularly in freelance work.

  3. I’ve also learned a lot from our community. Seeing them show up for what they want, share resources with each other, celebrate one another. I learn from their patience, their resilience and their passion. They take risks and are unafraid to learn a new skill. I so appreciate all of you - and it has been a privilege to learn from you!

So, there you have it! Stay tuned for 3 thing's that Sara has learned in the coming days. And reach out to us to share yours!

Peace, love & VO-

The VO Workshop Team


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